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Easter Recipes & Crafts

Easter Recipes & Crafts


Easter Recipes & Crafts

As a mummy (as of yesterday ‘Mum’! to my grown up five year-old) of three small children, I am usually insistent that we get outdoors and burn off some energy whatever the weather.

However, this weekend proved to be so bone-numbingly chilly that we retreated indoors and crafted. The final results were not always worthy of a country magazine, but we had fun none the less and our nearest and dearest will receive some almost-pretty Easter goodies next weekend.

Easter Bunny & ChickOne of our favourite projects was Easter Bunny & Chick from Buttonbag. They look very cute adorning the top of our mantelpiece.

I also treated myself to an hour alone (bliss) in our local town perusing the deli and flower shop for seasonal inspiration.

After choosing a few miniature daffs
and the ingredients for our famous
Simnel cake, our house is looking,
and smelling, particularly spring-like.

Shame the outside does not mirror this!


> Try the Simnel Cake for yourself, it’s delicious. And this Fish Pie is perfect for Good Friday.

Easter recipes from Dairy Diary


Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

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