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Recipes for Mother’s Day

Recipes for Mother’s Day

Recipes for Mother’s Day

I have been a mum for just over five years now but I still get butterflies and that little flush of pride as Mother’s Day approaches.

Sorry to sound clichéd and slightly slushy here but there’s nothing more special than being a parent and when you have to wait a long time for little ones to come along as I did Mothering Sunday never loses its shine.

Of course, I have my own fantastic
Mummy who needs to be spoilt on
Sunday too, so this week will be a
flurry of craft and cooking.

With my card-making obsession, there’ll be a home-made card and some naughty-but-nice goodies too (as well as a rather beautiful Cath Kidston bag to take on her next holiday.)

Here’s what I have chosen to cook for our special Mum’s afternoon tea party:

Both these recipes come from Take a Box of Eggs. Of course my mum and I have one of these but there are many that don’t and would love one!

Take a Box of Eggs is our latest award-winning cookbook, which features 100 delicious easy and accessible dishes for all the family. Why not treat your mum or yourself?

This month postage is free! So you can pick one up for just £7.49.

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