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Valentine’s Day Recipes & Tips

Tips for a romantic Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day Recipes & Tips

I LOVE Valentine’s Day, I know I know, what a hopeless romantic. Many people dismiss it as commercial and an excuse for the card companies and other retailers to make money. I have to say I’m a little less sceptical (although I am sure it is a lucrative industry none the less).

I think it’s fantastic that we have
a day to remind us to cherish our
other halves and take time out to
make them feel special.

We get so swept along with the mundanity and busyness of everyday life that most of us (I am sure that there are those who are romantic every day….not me!) forget or simply don’t have time to spoil our loved-ones.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive affair – you don’t even need to go out. Just have a think about a few special things that you can do to make your special person feel loved:

  • Leave secret notes – choose places where they will be discovered throughout the day; in pockets, the car, cupboards, under the duvet etc.
  • Make a special breakfast tray – croissants, preserves, a pot of tea or coffee.
  • Send a few kisses by text several times during the day.
  • Create your own card with photographs of you both together during happy times. Print them out and make yourself or order online from Snapfish or similar.
  • Lay a very special table for dinner (and if you have children, eat after they have gone to bed). Go to town, with a tablecloth, your best crockery and glasses, candles and flowers.
  • Cook a delicious dinner, see below for some recipe ideas.

Special Lamb Shanks and Valentine’s Almond Creams.

Lamb Shanks and Almond Creams recipe

Have a lovely time and don’t forget to tell us about your special day! Have you been treated too?


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