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Be warm and toasty on Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night recipes


It’s a glorious morning this morning, with the sun and frost making everything sparkle.

It will be a cold Bonfire Night tonight and so we had better wrap up warm!

Of course, eating something hot
and scrumptious is essential too.

On Saturday night we headed to our local Bonfire evening with much enthusiasm. The fireworks were terrific, but the catering left much to desire and I’m afraid to say that my five-year-old and I resorted to sharing a tub of pic n’ mix sweets and a hot chocolate as everything else looked so unappetising!

Tonight will be different though as we will be watching those unfailingly comical home-lit fireworks and consuming our own grub. This is my selection of goodies for tonight – all from the Dairy Diary of course! I can’t wait!

Have fun everyone and stay safe.

Broccoli & Apple Soup

Fruit n’ Nut Fapjacks

Hot Mocha Choc

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