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Olympic Games: 10 quirky facts

Top 10 Olympic Games Quirky Facts

Are you enjoying the Olympic Games?

But did you know these fascinating 10 Olympic facts?

1 Britain is the only country to have won a gold medal in every one of the modern summer Olympics – and in 1908, GB’s tally was 56!

2 Club swinging, cricket, croquet, golf, lacrosse, live pigeon shooting, motor boating, polo, rope climbing, rugby and tug-of-war are among discontinued Olympic sports. Tennis, abandoned in 1924, was restored in 1988.

3 The 1948 London Olympics were the first to be televised and 500,000 watched the opening ceremony (in black and white, of course).

4 Art competitions (Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Graphic Art, Literature and Muscial Composition) were included in the 1948 London Olympics for the last time.

5 In 1956, the Games took place in Melbourne but the equestrian events were held earlier in the year in Stockholm, because of Australia’s strict quarantine regulations.

6 A host city, rather than country, is chosen as a venue for the Games, usually seven years in advance.

7 Gold medals were first awarded in 1908, and made of solid gold. After 1912, they were made of silver and coated in gold. The medals are specially designed by the host city’s organising committee, but the obverse side always includes an image of Nike, the goddess of victory.

8 In Amsterdam, 1928, at the end of the women’s 800m the competitors were seen to be ‘weary and overwrought’ and the event was deemed to be too dangerous for women. It was not staged again until 1960.

9 The Paralympic Games were first held in the same city as the Olympics in 1960, and used the same facilities from 1988. They attract increasing numbers of athletes and spectators, and are watched by millions worldwide.

10 After 1988, all professional athletes were deemed eligible for the Olympic Games (except boxing).


Let us know how you scored.


Facts taken from Dairy Diary 2012.

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