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The joy of tents

Anyone who knows me will tell you that although I am not a high maintenance woman, I do like my creature comforts.

So, it has taken many months of persuasion from all members of my family and friends to entice me to give camping a go.

The fon of campingThe deciding factor was our friends buying a new tent. My husband’s immediate reaction to this news? “What are they doing with their old one?” Indeed.

So, last Friday I was home alone trying to pack for a completely alien experience. Me: ‘The Novice Camper’ forgot pillows, and towels, but did take fully packed swimming bags so covered myself. I did take proper wine glasses, which weren’t entirely practical, and all my winter layers which were (thanks Kathryn!).

The outcome? A very pleasant weekend thank you very much.

It was all the more alluring as the sun shone the whole time, quite a rare occurrence for the Peak District in July! Will I go again? Yes, another weekend is already in the planning stage for August.

What have I learnt to improve my trip away? To buy a sturdy table for my wine glass to sit safely on, and to research a good, easy to cook, quick outdoors meal to take with us. Last time it was meatballs and pasta, this time I may try the Brie Burgers from page 131 of the 2011 Dairy Diary as they won’t even require plates to wash. Perfect!

Enjoy your week.

Dairy Diary Team


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Brie Burger


Brie Burgers

A stylish take on the ubiquitous cheeseburger.

Serves 4
Time 20 mins
Calories 522 per portion
Fat 28g of which 11.1g is saturated

Lean minced beef 450g (1lb)
Onion 1, peeled and finely chopped
Dried mixed herbs 1 tsp
Brie 75g (3oz), cut into 4 squares
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
Sesame seed baps 4
Iceberg lettuce ¼, shredded
Red onion 1, sliced into rings
Cranberry sauce 4 tbsp
Soured cream 4 tbsp

1 Mix beef with onion, herbs and seasoning, divide into four and shape into burgers.

2 Make a hollow in the centre of each burger and add a square of Brie. Reshape each burger.

3 Brush burgers with vegetable oil and grill for 10-12 minutes, turning halfway through.

4 Split each bap in half, add lettuce, red onion and a burger and top with cranberry sauce and soured cream.

Recipe taken from 2011 Dairy Diary.


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