It’s nearly garden centre time again!

Apparently, Charlie Dimmock and Ronseal are launching an Urban Gardens Week this year, 11-18 April, to encourage novices to have a go and make their outdoor space beautiful!

Herbs a' Plenty, a project from Seasonal Garden Ideas

Herbs a' Plenty, a project from Seasonal Garden Ideas

Not sure about that – beautiful would be good, edible is more likely. I’m thinking of herbs this year – and they’ll make the garden (mine is very small) smell great, too.

I love basil and usually have a pot on the go from the supermarket – some keep growing and last for ages, others, well, don’t! Basil’s great with tomatoes however you have them – soup, sauces, added to stews or vegetable bakes, grilled or raw.

A cheese sandwich with some lovely fresh bread and maybe one of the goat’s cheeses you can get these days, plus sliced tomatoes and some torn basil is hard to beat. Flat-leafed parsley is another favourite, and chives, and a woody bush or two that’ll keep going for a few years – thyme maybe. And some mint – but that’s definitely going in a pot or it’ll take over. Could have some fresh mint tea to go with the sarny. Always assuming successful planting, of course.

I’m opting for plants rather than seeds to give myself a fighting chance, and then we just need a lovely sunny day and lunch outside is sorted – well, we can all dream!

Happy gardening.

The Dairy Diary Team


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