St Andrew’s Day

Tomorrow, 29 November, is St Andrew’s Day, patron saint of Scotland. Andrew was a fisherman from Galilee, one of the original apostles, who spread the gospel.

He was crucified by the Romans for his advocacy of Christianity. Some 300 years after his death the emperor decided to move his remains. Legend has it that a monk was warned of this by an angel, who told him to move Andrew’s bones to keep them safe. The monk brought them to Scotland, coming ashore at the place now known as St Andrew’s.

Celebrate St Andrew’s day with something a little different. Try this fabulous Roast Saddle of Venison from the Around Britain Dairy Cookbook.

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  1. Cybèle says:

    I’ve been cooking from your Around Britain Dairy Cookbook for the past 5 or 6 weekends (we often have a slightly more special meal on Saturdays) and so far, every recipe has been a real hit. My partner said that the Bakewell tart was a prizewinner, the pot roast pork with red cabbage was delicious (and the red cabbage will be served that way at our Christmas meal), I loved the poached pears. It’s a brilliant book and your Dairy Cookbook is on my Christmas wish list.

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