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Dairy Diary Set – go on, treat yourself!

It’s my birthday this week and so I am feeling a little self indulgent – gift ideas list written and passed around and fingers crossed!

If I were unable to procure one of these gems for free (great perk of the job) this would definitely be on my list.

Dairy Diary Set

The Dairy Diary Set includes a 2011 Dairy Diary plus the much loved handbag-sized pocket diary – perfect for stashing in your bag when you’re on the move – so no missing that crucial date or appointment.

What’s more, the set also contains an attractive magnetic notepad, perfect to pop on the fridge, and a pretty pen.

The Dairy Diary Set is just £8.50
That’s only £1.75 more than the Dairy Diary on its own; making it undoubtedly the best bargain you’ll have all year.

Why not treat your loved ones – or even yourself – to a little gift that will come in handy all year round?

Try  this Pecan Chicken recipe, just one of the delicious Dairy Diary weekly recipes.

Britain's Favourite Animals from the Dairy DiaryCompetition

You have one week left to win one of 10 copies of Britain’s Favourite Animals.
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Pecan chicken

Deliciously tasty and surprisingly simple to prepare.

Pecan Chicken from the 2011 Dairy DiaryServes 2
Time 35 mins plus chilling
Calories 331 per portion
Fat 13g
of which2.5g is saturated

Garlic 1 clove, crushed
White wine vinegar 1 tbsp
Maple syrup 3 tbsp
Wholegrain mustard 2 tsp
Chopped pecan nuts 2 tbsp
Chicken thighs 4, skinned
Chips and salad to serve

1 In a large bowl mix garlic, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard and chopped nuts together.

2 Add chicken to bowl and coat in sauce. Cover and chill overnight.

3 Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/ Gas 6. Remove thighs from sauce, spoon nuts and sauce on top and bake on a tray lined with foil for 30 minutes, or until cooked through. Serve with chips and salad.

Recipe taken from the 2011 Dairy Diary.

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