New cookbook plans

Nail-biting times in the office this week. We are awaiting a crucial print quote that decides the fate of our next cookery book.

Of the three ideas, this project is definitely my favourite and I really hope we can afford to do it! It’s a very different environment to those hazy days of the Milk Marketing Board when they had pots of money to spend on their cookery books. I am lucky to get 20 pence these days!

However, I am very determined and quite optimistic, so I may just get my dream project – to create that cookery bible, which is indispensable in every home. Fingers crossed everyone for Dairy Book of Home Cookery new edition for the 2010s.

The re-think of this book has inspired me to go back to basics at home and cook some real classics. Many can benefit from age-worn recipes handed down through their family (see Recipe cards on the table) but sadly I have no such luxury. My Grandad was a fantastic cook – cooking for the troups in the war with meagre rations – but sadly I don’t think he ever recorded any of his culinary creations on paper. So, it’s the Dairy Book of Home Cookery for me and my first old-school recipe shall be Rice Pudding. I am ashamed to say I have never cooked it before. If you’re watching from somewhere, sorry Grandad!

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