Quick Prawn Wraps recipe

Quick Prawn Wraps recipe

Quick Prawn Wraps recipe

Make your own lunchbox. Healthier, tastier and fresher wraps – and much less hassle than you might think.

Preparation time 30 minutes
Calories per wrap 310 Kcal
Fat per wrap 11g
of which saturated 4.1g

Makes 4 wraps
Light soft cream cheese 200g (7oz)
Snipped chives 3 tbsp
Peeled prawns 175g (6oz), thawed if frozen
Tabasco sauce to taste
Tortillas 4
Large plum tomatoes 3, quartered, deseeded and cut into thin strips lengthways
Rocket leaves 50g (2oz)
Watercress 50g (2oz) (trimmed weight)

1 Put the cream cheese into a bowl and mix with a fork until softened. Add the chives and prawns, season to taste with Tabasco sauce – approximately 3–4 drops – and then mix together gently.

2 Dividing the cheese mixture evenly, spread it over each tortilla. Then sprinkle each one equally with the tomato strips.

3 Scatter the rocket leaves and watercress over the tomatoes, and then roll up each tortilla tightly. Wrap each tortilla in a paper napkin and serve immediately.

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