Lazy Lunchboxes

No more overpriced, tasteless sandwiches – make your own healthy lunchbox.

After hearing a particularly disgusting story on the radio (a sandwich-making operative was given community service for putting lettuce up his nose then back into the food tray- euuugh) and then paying £2.80 for a thoroughly awful sandwich, I made a vow to start making my own.

What a revelation! They are so much healthier, tastier, fresher and much less hassle than I thought. In a morning, whilst I am taking mouthfuls of cereal I pop a few different bits and bobs into some bread then put it in my work bag with some fruit and, of course, a cheeky treat! This week I have enjoyed a Dovedale cheese & onion chutney roll, a ham & salad pitta and a Brie & cranberry wrap. If you keep a few different types of bread – seeded rolls, ciabatta, wraps, pitta – in the freezer you have much more choice and they don’t go mouldy in the bread bin before you have chance to eat them. I just pop some bread in the microwave for 10 or 20 seconds and then add the filling. They are thoroughly defrosted by lunchtime. My top tip for a treat – fun-size chocolate bars. They give you a chocolate fix without adding too many calories to your diet. Mini Twix are my favourite – yum!

Try  this this Quick Prawn Wraps lunchbox recipe.

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